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Vans Old Skool Black Blue (Premium Plus Batch)

Vans Old Skool Black Blue (Premium Plus Batch)..

Rs.17,000 PKR Rs.18,890 PKR

Vans Slip-On Checkerboard (Premium Batch)


Rs.11,250 PKR Rs.12,490 PKR

Vans Old Skool Pastel Purple (Dot Perfect)


Rs.8,790 PKR Rs.10,990 PKR

Vans Classic Red (Dot Perfect)


Rs.6,990 PKR Rs.9,990 PKR

Vans Classic Light Grey (Dot Perfect)


Rs.8,990 PKR Rs.9,990 PKR

Vans Old Skool (Dot Perfect)

Vans Old Skool (Dot Perfect)..

Rs.14,990 PKR

Vans Old Skool Checkered Olive

Vans Old Skool Checkered Olive..

Rs.6,490 PKR

Vans Old Skool High Navy White

Vans Old Skool High Navy White..

Rs.6,490 PKR

Vans Old Skool High Cream

Vans Old Skool High Cream..

Rs.5,990 PKR

Vans Style 36 Bandana Blue

Vans Style 36 Bandana Blue..

Rs.6,990 PKR

Vans style 36 Decon SF

Vans style 36 Decon SF..

Rs.6,990 PKR

Vans Old Skool Pink

Vans Old Skool Pink..

Rs.6,490 PKR

Vans Checkerboard Sk8-Hi


Rs.5,990 PKR

Vans Wavy Baby (Premium Batch)

Vans Wavy Baby (Premium Batch)..

Rs.12,890 PKR

Style 36 Marshmallow Racing Red (Premium Batch)

Style 36 Marshmallow Racing Red (Premium Batch)..

Rs.5,490 PKR

Checkerboard Classic Slip-on Mule (Premium Batch)

Checkerboard Classic Slip-on Mule (Premium Batch)..

Rs.5,490 PKR

Vans Old Skool Tapered Eco Theory Noir Black (Premium Batch)

Vans Old Skool Tapered Eco Theory Noir Black (Premium Batch)..

Rs.5,990 PKR

Vans Old Skool Shiny Party (Premium Batch)

Vans Old Skool Shiny Party (Premium Batch)..

Rs.8,490 PKR

Vans UA Authentic 44 DX - Mixed Aloha (Premium Batch)

Vans UA Authentic 44 DX - Mixed Aloha (Premium Batch)..

Rs.4,490 PKR Rs.5,490 PKR

Vans Old Skool Blue (Premium Batch)

Vans Old Skool Blue (Premium Batch)..

Rs.4,290 PKR Rs.5,490 PKR

Vans Authentic 44 DX Sandy Liang Floral (Premium Batch)

Vans Authentic 44 DX Sandy Liang Floral..

Rs.4,290 PKR Rs.5,490 PKR

Vans Old Skool Triple Black (Premium Batch)

Vans Old Skool Triple Black..

Rs.6,990 PKR

Vans Skate Sk8-Hi Triple Black (Premium Batch)

Vans Skate Sk8-Hi Triple Black..

Rs.8,490 PKR

Vans Old Skool (Premium Plus Batch)

Vans Old Skool (Premium Plus Batch)..

Rs.9,990 PKR

Vans Old Skool Suede Honey Gold

Vans Old Skool Suede Honey Gold..

Rs.3,990 PKR Rs.5,490 PKR

Vans True White Classic Slip-On (Squid Game)


Rs.5,390 PKR Rs.7,990 PKR

Vans Checkerboard Classic

Vans Checkerboard Classic..

Rs.7,490 PKR

Showing 1 to 44 of 44 (1 Pages)

Vans shoes are accessible in Pakistan:

Vans is known to be bringing the Californian skate culture in all parts of the world. Reports have suggested that the brand has been serving the industry for more than half a century and it has seen a rise in its sale as well. In other words, it cannot be denied that original Vans old Skool shoes are timeless, durable and insanely comfortable shoes in every manner. Same is though about Vans shoes Pakistan. Vans old skool Pakistan shoes are equally loved regardless of their colors. 

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the Vans old skool Pakistan is that people these days tend to wear athletic apparels for all kinds of events and occasions i.e. school, play or workplace. The notion that these shoes have been designed and meant for athletic purposes only does not exist anymore. Matt Powell who is an analyst of the sports industry said that, “There's a lengthy heritage around California lifestyle here. Most people who buy Vans don't have a clue about how to skateboard.”

Vans enjoy its existence since 1960 and these days we see even the teenagers going mad after these vintage styled Vans Pakistan shoes. One of the reasons can be that vintage style is overall loved by the young generation. For instance, clothes with prominent logos are back in fashion and this is something that Vans sells. Global president of Vans said that, “he sees a "multi-generational" appeal in Vans that makes it unique, adding that both parents and teens can wear it.”

Reasons for buying Vans Pakistan shoes: Some of the prominent reasons why one should invest in Vans Pakistan shoes are as follows:

  • Design of these shoes can be paired with shirts and pants of different colors
  • Buyers of all ages find these shoes to be versatile
  • The upper of the canvas is breathable which excites a large number of buyers
  • Users have been claiming that vintage old skool shoes of Vans amuses them with proper cushioning 
  • These shoes have been describes as multifunctional since they can be worn for several activities from skateboarding, school and leisure 
  • Brand loyal claim that it is one of the best versions of the classic era shoes in every manner
  • Since the shoes are very much affordable, they are still the first choice of the people who like to buy trendy shoes 
  • These are perfect shoes for everyday use in every manner 
  • If you are looking to have arch support, then again these shows will serve the purpose really well 

All the time favorite Vans skools shoes: Some of the Vans favorite shoes are as follows:

Supreme X Vans old skool: These were released back in 1996. Each pair of these shoes offered a canvas / suede combo along with the red badges of bogo. Do you wonder who helmed the creations? It was none other than Brendon Babenzien who was newly minted design director of Supreme at that time. 

Alexander Lee Chang X Vans Boa Skool: Back in 2015, a Japanese pro skater turned Alexander Lee Chang to put the stamp on the Old Skool by replacing the trio lacing with Velcro straps to create old Skool EZ. These shoes ditched the traditional lacing of the shoes. However, this time adjustable Boa apparatus replaced the laces giving technical edge to the skate kicks. 

Concepts X Vans Syndicate Old Skool: Other name for these shows is The Rat. They were considered to be answer to New York City’s legendary CBGB. In year 2014; Beantown paid homage to the venue with Rat Hunter edition of these old skool. These were released under the umbrella of syndicate, punk inspired kicks including the duct tape like cracked leather to work with the washed denim as well as suede construction. Also it included the checkerboard stretching around the rubber midsole wrap. 

Blends X Vans vault old skool zip LX bones: This look was debuted on the Sk8-Hi back in year 2013. However, old skool follow up of 2014 was a better version paired with jazz strips and premium black leather construction and added medial zippers. 

You can always rely on Hopkicks if you want to buy these shoes. Access their official site i.e. and see what they have to offer to you in this regards.